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Shipping Details

General Shipping Information

Platinum Morphs is based out of Monument, Colorado. While we typically get to enjoy fairly mild weather during most of our seasons, there are times when shipping may become a bit difficult. The animals safety is always our number one priority. With our insulated shipping boxes, packaging and 24 to 48 hour heat packs, we feel confident enough (during the right circumstances) to ship when the overnight low temperatures are down to but not lower than the 25 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures lower than 25 degrees Fahrenheit tend to run a risk too high for the animals safety which could impact a healthy arrival. Keep in mind that the ideal overnight low temperature needs to be above our recommended lowest shipping temperatures on both the shipping and receiving ends. Platinum Morphs reserves the rights to hold any and all shipments upon our best judgment when regarding carrier and weather related circumstances that may impede the safe travel of the animal(s).

Shipping Transit Times

FedEx Overnight Shipping Options - FedEx First Overnight® by 8, 8:30, 9 or 10 a.m. the next business day; FedEx Priority Overnight® by 10:30 a.m. the next business day; and FedEx Standard Overnight® by 3 p.m. the next business day. The latter is a cost-effective choice if you can wait for afternoon delivery.

Shipping Prices

All shipping fees include the cost of the materials used and the carrier fees. We include shipping costs on any orders over $750.

Small Box --- $60 --- This would be the box that would be used to ship 1-3 hatching sized ball pythons. Combined weight(s) of anything between 100 and 700 grams.

Medium Box --- $70 --- This box would be used for larger ball pythons or smaller group orders. Typically any orders consisting of total snake(s) weights in between 700 and 1600 grams would use this box.

Large Box --- $80 --- This box would be used for bigger bulk orders and the biggest ball pythons. Anything over 1600 grams including larger group orders would use this box.

Our Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee Live Arrival through FedEx First, Priority and Standard overnight shipping directly to your door or the nearest FedEx Hub Location. Platinum Morphs reserves the right to wave our live arrival guarantee if the package is not signed for during the delivery portion of the shipping process. We prefer not to ship on Thursdays for Friday deliveries to ensure that any potential carrier delays don't keep a package stuck at a hub location during a closure of business hours. It is rare but an unexpected delay could leave the animal stuck in the shipping box at the carrier hub for an entire weekend under unforeseen delays. This is where weather can also play a large role in our decision to ship a package. If the overnight lows are ideal, but there is a blizzard that may impact transit times, we may elect to wait until a safer ship date.

Our Shipping Days

We ship Mondays - Wednesdays for Tuesday - Thursday arrival dates. The physical shipping process is extremely quick. We tend ship FedEx Priority to ensure that the snake isn't in the shipping package for an extended time period. We can be flexible on the Overnight shipping options of a package as long as someone will be available at the time of arrival or if the package is instructed to be held at the hub. We will be less likely to want to use the latest shipping method during the more seasonal months of the year.