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Platinum Morphs' Rodents

Here at Platinum Morphs, we like to take part in the entire process of reptile collecting and breeding including the keeping and breeding of the rodents that we will supply our snakes with. This ensures that we will always know exactly what's going into our ball pythons all the way down to type of rodent block that we offer our feeder rodents.

Blue and Whites

Even though rats and mice are often considered to only be thought of as snake food throughout the reptile community, we like to take pride in our rodent collections. We proliferate many different rodent genetics while also producing them in bulk to feed our reptile collection. 90% of our collection will be offered live prey items. While many may argue that offering live prey items increases the odds for injury to the snake, we believe that offering appropriate sized prey items that can easily be overtaken by the snake offers a little more exercise for the snakes and a quick death for the rodents. This is not to say that feeding frozen thawed is not an effective way to feed a collection, we just prefer live feed.

Moch Hairless (Double Rex)

Dumbo Siamese

Dumbo Rex

Blue and High White Dumbo

African Soft Furred Rats

African Soft Furred Rats, or more commonly referred to ASFs are what ball pythons would prey upon in their natural environment. Some ball pythons kept in captivity, especially the imports, ones that are a few generations removed from imports, or just generally finicky eaters will only readily feed on the African soft furred rats.

Juvenile African Soft Furred Rat